What to Order at Din Tai Fung

Din Tai Fung is a popular Chinese restaurant that was founded in 1958. It is originally well-known for its xiaolongbao, or soup dumplings. With there only being 4 locations in the United States, Din Tai Fung is continuously filled with new and returning customers. The average wait time for this popular restaurant ranges anywhere from 1 to 3 hours each day. It is definitely worth the wait, so don’t be discouraged and be sure to arrive early. The menu is filled with a variety of foods that are typically unheard of, however, there’s no doubt that anything you order will be appetizing.

Here is my order guide to Din Tai Fung.

1. Appetizers

Cucumber Salad

Din Tai Fung has a variety of appetizers that are perfectly portioned to keep you wanting more. I first begin with a refreshing cucumber salad that satisfies crunchy cravings with a savory, sesame flavor. These cucumbers are not only healthy, but make a simple vegetable exceptionally tasty. If you’re not a pro, like me, at using chopsticks, I would suggest being careful when trying to pick them up. They tend to be slippery and will typically fall onto the table before reaching your mouth. This dish is my favorite way to warm up my palate for more.

Sticky Rice Wrap w/ Pork

My most-liked appetizer is the Sticky Rice Wrap with Pork. This dish will leave your mouth wanting more! (I’ve actually eaten 2 in one sitting before). The cooking process is very difficult to execute and is better left to the professionals for a greater outcome. Like unwrapping a gift, you will have to eat the sticky rice on the outside in order to get to the tender pork belly on the inside. Highly recommend this dish as a start to your meal.


Satueed String Beans with Garlic. This garlicky side dish is a great asset to the variety of foods you get when coming to Din Tai Fung. These crunchy green beans are flawlessly satueed and steamed. Another veggie that is a tasteful addition to your order.

3. Chicken Fried Rice

The first entree that I really appreciate is the Chicken Fried Rice. It’s not your typical tasting rice. It exerts what it seems like hundreds of salivating flavors in your mouth at once. The fresh mix of eggs, rice, chicken and veggies make this dish unique compared to other types. The way that Din Tai Fung prepares this classic will give you the true taste of a traditional Chinese Chicken Fried Rice.

4. Vegetarian Shanghai Rice Cakes

These fried noodles have a chow mein vibe but exemplify something different. The mix of satueed greens, chewy rice cakes, and noodles create a soft, palatable balance which is undeniably appetizing. The chewy rice cakes are my favorite part of this dish because unexpectedly, they melt in your mouth. I find myself eating all of the rice cakes out of the dish before even touching the noodles. This will become one of your all time favorite Chinese dishes with its distinctive seasonings and unique textures.

5. Last but not least, the main course: Porkk Xiaolongbao (Soup Dumplings)

The ultimate main course meal that will leave your stomach feeling full and your tastebuds more than content. These funky looking dumplings are served in a wooden, bamboo tray and are delivered right to your table. They are extremely hot, so wait a little time before you finally decide to take that first bite. Once they cool down, you will be surprised at how delicious these really are. Be sure when picking them up with your chopsticks, that you don’t rip the dough. Put it all in your mouth at once and you’ll be addicted the second you bite down. Your teeth will break the doughy outside and you will feel a flush of soup run through your mouth. This will lead you too a little pork ball in the middle which holds all of the exciting flavors. After you eat one, you will eat all. So make sure to get 2-3 orders of these soup dumplings to get the full experience out of Din Tai Fung.


all menu photos: http://dintaifungusa.com/


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