A Trip to Pier 39

San Fransisco is a city filled with thousands of locals, commuters and tourists but everyone has experienced Pier 39. Pier 39 is one of the most popular tourist attractions in San Francisco. It is a pier full of shopping centers, great food, and scenic views. Here’s a few things I really enjoyed when going to Pier 39 and hope you find useful for your trip to San Francisco.

1. Eat some Clam Chowder at Boudin Bakery

1,When I first arrived at Pier 39, the fresh ocean air and fish aroma overtook my senses. I began to crave Clam Chowder. Boudin’s is a restaurant located right along the entrance of the Pier. It was first established in 1849 by a family of bakers from France.

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The menu at Boudin’s is very diverse, however, their most prominent dish is the Clam Chowder in a Sourdough bread bowl. I have always been a huge enthusiast of Clam Chowder and so decided it would be in my best interest to give it a shot. I stood in line and waited for my name to be called before receiving the dish I had been craving.

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The Clam Chowder was one of the best I had tasted, along with the sourdough bread. The bread practically melted in my mouth. It was a perfect combination with the soup. The Clam Chowder was the right taste of fish and chewy clams. It was more on the creamier side but was soupy enough to dip the bread in. Delicious.

2. Visit the Aquarium of the Bay

My next stop was the Aquarium of the Bay. Aquariums are always very informative and calming to me. So this was definitely on my list of places I had to see before I left. Only $26 to enter the Aquarium, we walked through the doors and immediately were greeted by the friendly staff and glowing tanks of fish. The aquarium acquired three floors full of information, activities and different types of fish. Definitely worth the visit!

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3. Sightsee Sea Lions

What a sight they were. These comical sea dogs give endless entertainment. Perched up on empty docks, the loud barks can be heard from across the pier. Definitely a cute spot to take kids or family members who are unfamiliar with the ocean. I truly enjoyed watching these mammals mess around.


4. Get a Cookie Dough Latte at Doughp

On my way out, I spotted a sign that read “Edible Cookie Dough.” I immediately ran up the stairs to the cute little shop called ‘Doughp.’ The aesthetic set up made this place enjoyable for trying some edible cookie dough. There was a wall full of ivy leaves and red stools overlooking the pier, along with a retro neon sign that created an ambiance of San Fransisco. The cookie dough latte was $7 and $7 worth it. I drink lattes on a daily basis and was thoroughly impressed by theirs. It came with chocolate sprinkles, whipped cream and little balls of cookie dough on the top. Highly recommend for the cookie dough fanatic. Safe and yummy to eat.

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5. Visit Image Arts

Image Arts is a little shop on the pier that has hundreds of posters from vintage to contemporary. I have a passion for photos and photography so really enjoyed browsing this shop on Pier 39. It had categories like rock n’ roll, cityscapes, vintage cars, and more. The prices weren’t expensive for posters either. Definitely worth picking up a few to decorate your room. If you love galleries of art, check this shop out.



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