Tips on Making your Room Feel “Zen”

Decorating can be a difficult task at times. However, finding the perfect decorations for your room is  satisfying. It can take some time to put it all together but being able to walk into your room and feel as if it ‘describes’ your vibe helps with winding down and relaxing on days that you need it most.

Choosing Colors

Colors are an important part of making a room feel comfortable. You want to choose colors that are calm and simple. This keeps the room looking clean and open.

Start with a base color.

Greys and whites are subtle colors that bring a fresh ambiance to the room.  They create a space that feels clean and simple. However, there are other options that do the same with a little more POP. Bright blues and yellows tend to be a popular choice when selecting a base. These colors bring an energetic atmosphere which makes the room look bright and bold.

Accent colors

Accent colors are important. These colors emphasis the color scheme. Depending on whether you selected a bold or subtle base shade, accent colors can range from neutral to vivid tones. There are many options for accent colors. One of my favorite combination schemes is blue, grey and white. The white is my base color and the grey is an accent color. With grey being the accent color and white originally the base, we need more of a pop to bring life to the room.

Pop Colors

POP COLORS! Once you have chosen a base and accent color, your room might be missing something I like to call a “pop color.” Choosing a pop color can be a little difficult since the ultimate idea is to get the color to be noticed. However, if you have chosen more neutral colors as a base and an accent, then you don’t want to choose a bright purple as your pop color. Pop colors don’t necessarily have to be extremely dramatic, just different from your base and accent shades.

Personal Pictures

PICTURES PICTURES PICTURES. I’m obsessed. Decorating your room with pictures that remind you of certain events, people or places is my preferred personalization to a room. Every picture has a meaning behind it and exhibits a personally artistic sensation. Whether you want to fill your whole wall with photos or just a few decorated around the room, pictures bring a home, nostalgic feel to any room.


Plant shopping is one of my favorite hobbies. Once you go to a nursery, choose indoor plants that will suffice in an environment with indirect sunlight and a small amount of water. Once you have chosen plants, repot them and place them around the room.


Repotting the plants into a more stylish clay pot can help with accenting neutral colors in the room. When shopping for plants, there typically is a section with clay pots. These pots are perfect for your new plants. Always try to get a size bigger than the original since the plants will be growing. In addition, grabbing some extra soil and fertilizer is the best bet to keeping these plants flourishing.


Placing the plants in certain areas of the room can be challenging since options can sometimes be limited. Dressers and nightstands typically support the “plant look” very well. Though that isn’t the only option: hanging plants up, placing them in an empty corner or on shelves, fills up space without clutter. WildPinesShop has gorgeous handmade macrame plant holders that give the room a boho feel. Check it out!

Fairy Lights

Fairy lights? Amazon, World Market, Urban Outfitters and other trendy places sell these types of lights starting at $8. They are a great addition to any room. Adding a dim lighting to any night, they are perfect for watching Netflix or nighttime reading. Usually coming with a remote, once you are ready for bed, hit the power button and turn the lights off without even leaving the bed.

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Making it comfortable

Comfort is the most important aspect in making a room feel ‘ZEN’. There are several different commodities that add to the room without being ‘too much.’


Buying a fragrance warmer,  incense, wall plug-in or candle is essential in making the room smell clean. Some houses come with a rustic, musty scent that never seems to leave. Covering these smells up with a scent you enjoy is a must-have for establishing a warm and pleasant environment.


Is there such thing as too many? Adding pillows to the bed whether decorative or for use during sleep is a great way to add comfort to the room. The ‘body pillow’ has to be my most-liked, must have bed accessory. Highly recommend for a snug, secure nights sleep.

Blankets and Comforters

Depending on whether you’re a ‘hot-sleeper’ or sleep cold determines how thick your comforter should be as well as how many blankets you should have on your bed. Having a soft blanket on top of the comforter is the best way to cushion your bed and add maximum coziness.


Choosing the right color scheme, placing items in a certain area and decorating with items that compliment each other simply are keys to the perfect Aesthetic. All of these tips will help create the perfect atmosphere for your room.

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