Simple Kitchen Organization

Having cluttered cupboards can become overwhelming, especially if you are an organized or clean person. You go to the cupboard to grab pasta for your dinner dish but you don’t realize the bag is open and so when you pull it out of the cupboard, it spills all over the floor. You are left spending more time cleaning the trail of pasta from the cupboard to the stove then cooking.


There are some easy tactics to fixing simple problems like these along with creating a more organized kitchen environment. Let me share with you some tips on Simple Kitchen Organization.

TJ Maxx and Etsy have a wide variety of options for kitchen organization. Since items like these tend to get broken easily, it is best to go with cheaper options that still have an aesthetic appeal so that, if broken, it will always be replaceable without breaking your bank. A lot of organization items come with labels on their designs such as a container saying “sugar” or “tea” on the front. However, Etsy is well-known for selling labels in several designs for you to use for your kitchen organization.






Typically, most people use the standard utensil holder that comes with a set or just stick all of the spatulas and spoons in a drawer. Depending on your style, mason jars are one of my favorite containers for utensils in your kitchen or toothbrushes in your bathroom. You can buy mason jars in rustic greys and blues on Etsy, or stick with white colors at your local Tj Maxx. Mason jars create an aesthetic vibe for your kitchen or bathroom counter





Pasta Party

As in my example at the beginning of this blog, pasta SPILLS EVERYWHERE. One simple trick that can make your kitchen organization clean is clear containers that can contain many foods like pastas, nuts, beans and cereal. This is also a sustainable way to get rid of boxes and plastic containers. Measuring out the weight of your container then bringing it along with you on a grocery trip to a store that has bulk food dispensers can lower your trash and plastic usage. These glass containers typically keep your food fresh for longer. If you want to buy labels for the front of these containers, here are a few links:





Oils, Soaps and Lotions

Liquids can get a bit messy in the kitchen and the bathroom. Glass containers are really good at sealing liquids and can prevent future spills and messes. Putting cooking oils in containers, as pictured, can help you use less oil over time and dispense the right amount into your pan while cooking. In addition, containers like these get rid of those ugly plastic ones that sit on your counters or in your cupboards.



Kitchen organization is a simple way to establish more sustainable usage into your every day life, creates an aesthetic appearance and is helpful in storing food, preventing messes and clearing clutter.


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