Tips on Thrifting Quality Items

Depending on your preference of clothing style, you may have some troubles when you first walk into a thrift store and are overwhelmed by the amount of “color-coded” isles to sort through. For a person that is impatient with shopping, like me, it can be deceiving and difficult to find clothing items that could really benefit your closet. So here are some methods I use when going thrifting.

1. Men’s Clothing!

It’s no doubt that about 80% of my favorite clothes are bought from the men’s section at thrift stores. The men’s section not only has comfier, larger sizes but some great finds. I have an obsession for big flannels and can never seem to find flannels that are relatively “baggy” in the girls sections. Many men’s flannels are thick, warm, and loose enough to be comfortably fit with a t-shirt, or warm jacket underneath. Great for a casual, every day style. Crossroads Trading & Co. is a quality spot to hit for comfortable flannels ranging from $3-$7.

2. Check the home goods/technology section.

You never know what you will find here! Shopping for the house definitely is my favorite type of browsing. At thrift stores, you can find anything that ranges from antique clocks and boho-looking Mexican blankets to old, vintage cameras. These isles are always cluttered with hundreds of good finds that not many people, shopping at these stores, care to cherish. Film and Polaroid cameras, old telephones and radios are some great pick ups either for decor or use. Goodwill has the most widespread variety of technology that I have seen. If you are looking for something in particular, be sure to check your local Goodwill.

3. Graphic Tees

If you have a grungy, 90’s vibe to your style, you might want to check the graphic t-shirts. Here you will find shirts with rock bands from the 80’s, one’s with comical slogans, or even just a plain t-shirt that is comfortable for daily use. My favorite thrift store for graphic t-shirts is Wasteland. Located in your favorite shopping cities, Studio City, San Francisco, and Santa Monica, this store has treasures that can’t be beat.

4. Color Code

Shop for the colors you like to wear most! Most thrift stores, with a large variety of clothing items, are sorted by color. This makes it easy for you to find the colors you love to wear.

5. Don’t be afraid of larger sizes.

You may be defeated by shopping for hours in a thrift store and not finding anything your size. However, DON’T BE AFRAID OF THE LARGER SIZES. Many of the Levi jeans, flannels and t-shirts I have picked up, have been found in a size or two larger than what I usually wear and still are usable. Be sure to try on your whole stack of clothes before eliminating items by their size. Thrifty Bargain in Chico, CA has a wide variety of jeans that range from Wranglers and Calvin Klein to the most popular trend, Levi’s.

6. Check Back Often

Thrift stores are constantly being renewed with items that have been donated. There is always new additions and it takes time to find clothes that fit your style. The thrill of thrift shopping is going into the store and not knowing what gems you are going to come out with. Don’t get frustrated, and check back often. Sometimes you just have to get lucky.


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