Living in a Birds Nest


Birds Nest? What’s a birds nest?

Same question I asked when I moved into a large victorian home that seemed to embrace the “2 rooms in 1” idea.

2 rooms in 1? Wasn’t it just one room?

The room was large and fit 2 beds, a couch, desks, had a closet, and could probably fit one more bed if we really tried. It was a deep, long, wide room that had hardwood floors and one small window nook on the end.

The “2 rooms in 1” was separated by a curtain that allowed room for sharing space and privacy.

I moved in August 2016. I wanted to go for an all white, with grey accents vibe. I decorated the room with plants, a nightstand, a tapestry, and on the wall I put hundreds of pictures I had taken with friends, of friends, landscapes, etc..


Throughout the duration of this living situation, I found this room ideal for meditation, relaxation and a cat.


I really wanted a cat. To cuddle, on the rainy days that the birds nests rain raced down the window and for the candlelit nights in which I opened a book and read until I slept.

But I really wanted a cat to attack the bugs that came into my room in the middle of the night. STINK BUGS. All joy and relaxation in a nook like this, until you leave your screenless windows open and bugs wander into the warmth of your bed.

But there were only a few occurrences nothing drastic.

So the pros outweighed the cons and I fell in love with the room. When the birds would sing by my window in the morning, I listened. Each chirp was different than the other and when the sun would shine, they would sing even louder.


This room created an internal peace that drew me to spending time with myself, picking up old hobbies like photography, writing, reading. The tranquil vibes motivated me to be calm even when I was stressed.

This picture worthy, pinterest looking room was one to be written about.


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