3 Places to Visit in San Francisco for First Timers

Having this been the first time I had traveled to San Francisco, I decided to go to the most common site-seeing places there


Number #1 on everyone’s list, the Golden Gate Bridge. I first saw the bridge from afar. I was in the car and was awe-struck by the gigantic bridge that infamously is displayed as a huge landmark in films, photography and history. There were boats crossing underneath the bridge and tons of cars commuting on it. It was way bigger than I had imagined and the colors it exhibited were vibrant. I couldn’t believe that I finally could mark the Golden Gate Bridge off of my bucket list.



A 1990’s popular TV show, struck me as an exciting place to stop in San Francisco. The infamous 1709 Broderick St, appeared to be as it always was on the TV show. It’s intricate brick steps lead up to the familiar double doors used in the show. It was complimented by green trees that covered the front windows and partially, the garage. I took a few photos in front of the landmark and continued on with my adventure around San Fran for the first time.

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A popular touring spot for those visiting San Francisco, Alcatraz was definitely a site to see. I didn’t travel to the island, but seeing it was just enough. Alcatraz is the site of the oldest lighthouse and an abandoned prison. Stories have been told about prisoners who tried to escape this island and tragically, drowned. Being built in 1934, I found is fascinating to see how long a building of so much history has withstood. I plan, for my next trip to San Francisco, to take a boat and explore the island.



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