$25 at your Local Farmers Market

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Every Saturday, Chico has a Farmers Market where local vendors come out and sell their homemade products. This ranges from body scrubs, essential oils and beads, to eggs, meats, cheese, vegetables and fruits.

Every weekend, I routinely go to the farmers market and buy the necessities. I first stop at Beans of Paradise, my favorite coffee truck, and grab a warm, caramel latte. This latte ($4.50), not only warms my hands, but sets the mood for my grocery shop mentality.

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I stop by the ladies that sell apples and grab the juiciest, most delicious ones, Lady Apples. I buy about 4 or 5 and usually they last me for the week. This total usually comes out to around $3.50.

I then continue on to find kale, carrots, arugula, lettuce, green onions, regular onions, tomatoes, and lemons coming to usually a total of $17. Mind you, the portions are twice the size of regular grocery store amounts.


So now we’re at about $20 and depending on the weekend and my cravings, I tend to buy eggs for $5 from Nickler Acres, strawberries $6, Rosemary Bread for $6 and a Rose Petal Body Scrub for $8.

There are so many local businesses to support. I highly recommend going and finding your favorite products from your local farmer’s market. It has become a weekly routine that not only has been meditative but beneficial.


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