22 Songs for the Perfect Sunset Drive

Driving during sunset is one of the most relaxing activities. Feeling the crisp breeze run through your hair with no destination in mind is a great way to admire a sunset and ease your mind.

Finding the best songs to compliment the sunsets vibe is essential to creating the ideal atmosphere for the drive. Creating a playlist with songs that have a relaxing rhythm, heightens senses and soothes your soul.

I have created a playlist, with several different genres, that will make your drive full of endless feels.


Gooey – Glass Animals

Glass Animals – Gooey, has the perfect sound to a beautiful sunset. Dave Bayley’s soft voice emphasizes the lyrics by creating a free-feeling tone. Xylophones, percussions and cymbals produce a light-hearted feel that contribute to the songs interesting sound. Glass Animals did a superlative job of creating a song that has a bubbly, gooey vibe.

Summer Nights – Iration

This beachy reggae melody gets you in the mood to “light one up and smile.” Based on remembering summer nights getting high and drinking beer with friends, Iration succeeds at giving this song the ultimate sound of a good time. This song sets the true tone of a summer night and is easily one of my favorite songs for a sunset drive.

Love is Alive – Louis the Child

Louis the Child is always successful in creating songs that are enjoyable to sing along to. Love is Alive is an incredible song sung by Elohim. Her distinctive voice is refined which creates a soothing, vintage sound as if coming from a vinyl. The lyrics give even more meaning to the song by sending a message of keeping love alive where it isn’t. Louis the Child’s Love is Alive is a magical track that will keep you playing it on repeat.

Peaches – In the Valley Below

An alternative rock song that has a dark story of broken love and addiction, Peaches by In the Valley Below tells a tale of a deep and difficult love story that yearns for a stronger relationship. With a catchy up-beat tone, the head singers, Angela Mattson and Jeffrey Mendel, do an exemplary job at narrating a story through music.

Night Ride – Los Growlers

Los Growlers have an incredibly unique sound that exemplifies multiple types of genres. Night Ride has an alternative tune with a hip, groovy sound in each beat. Telling a story of repeated nights of “baggies in the bathroom,” clubbing and sunrises, Los Growlers does a great job of telling a story of someone coming to the realization that there is no point in partying until dawn every day but yet the hesitation of stopping, keeps anything from changing.

Rhiannon – Fleetwood Mac

I did some research on the meaning behind Rhiannon by Fleetwood Mac considering that Rhiannon is the name of a mythological goddess of fertility. However, Stevie Nicks was more interested in the supernatural, witchy aspect of a 70’s novel called “Triad.” A story of a girl that becomes possessed by a spirit named Rhiannon (Louder Sound, 2015), Stevie Nicks instantly was obsessed with the name and used it to write her infamous song, Rhiannon. This rock song has an edgy appeal that integrates a paranormal novel with a popular song.

Beverly Laurel – Tame Impala

Tame Impala’s Beverly Laurel is a creative, intricate song that has several instrumental sounds but only a few lines of lyrics. The band uses these few words to get a message across about how people try to tell them what is right or wrong for their life but only they know what truly is. Tame Impala combines psychedelic pop with multiple synths to give listeners a trippy perception of sound.

Slow Ride – Sublime

The message of Slow Ride can be quite confusing when reading the lyrics. They suggest sensual tension between Bradley and a girl he is seeing, wanting to “take it slow.” However, in the middle of the song there is a phone call between the girl and Bradley which implies that the relationship is, in fact, over. This song is one of my favorites by Sublime because of the groovy sound that’ll immediately have your head bobbing at the first note. Bradley’s seductive, raspy voice grinds at the lyrics and fits perfectly into the sound of the melody.

Lazy Afternoon – Rebelution

Lazy Afternoon has a cheery, up-beat melody that will leave you wanting to order pizza and spend the rest of your afternoon watching Netflix with that special someone. Rebelution is consistent with their sound in a variety of their songs which makes the band easily recognizable. Eric Rachmany has a very distinctive voice that contributes to the bands unique, reggae sound. The use of several different instruments, such as saxophones and trumpets, makes their music true to kind. Having seen Rebelution live, several times, I can say that their performance is incredible and their sound in concert is identical to as it is on their albums. Although this is my number 1 Rebelution recommendation for a sunset drive, there are many other tracks that could be added to this playlist.

River – Civil Twilight

I discovered Civil Twilight on Soundcloud about a year ago and was immediately obsessed with their sound. This upcoming rock band has many songs that I thoroughly enjoy. Each song of theirs can be played acoustically which makes this band quite interesting. I’m not sure what the lyrics in River exactly mean, in fact, it can be interpreted in several ways. However, this song will let your imagination roam and is pleasing to listen to.

Electric Feel – Henry Green

Although Electric Feel has a synthetic, EDM sound, you can clearly hear the echo of guitar chords being strummed in the background. Originally a song by MGMT, Henry Green did an amazing job of making this song his own. With a more relaxed feel to the tone, Electric Feel has an ambient sound that sends shivers across your whole body. One of the best covers I have ever heard.

The Suburbs – Mr Little Jeans

This song is quite nostalgic in the aspect of reminiscing on childhood memories. The lyrics come from Arcade Fire however, Arcade Fire’s version had a more joyful instrumental beat which changes the entire mood of the track. The version by Mr Little Jeans has a more serious tone to it. Personally, I feel as if this adds more sentimental meaning to the lyrics which makes this song very vibey and awe-inspiring. I would have to say that this song is in my top 3 for most-liked on a sunset drive. GOOSEBUMPS.

Tools – Yellerkin (Louis the Child Remix)

Tools (Remixed) gives the song a little mermaid, beachy sound that takes the original song to the next level. Louis the Child did an amazing job at making this track more rhythmic by adding higher pitched tones with a catchy, consistent beat. This song will make your heart smile and will motivate you to take a drive by the beach with the windows down. Super chill.

Lana Del Dre (Tep No Flip) – When in Rome

When in Rome did a great job at remixing this song to be more lively. He took the beats that play at the beginning of the original song and used them throughout the entire track. By adding clap beats to the background and fading Tep No’s voice, When in Rome made Lana Del Dre into a very vibey song that takes you away to a whole other place.

Indian Summer – Jai Wolf

I remember driving to Coachella with my best friends and listening to this song every few hours on the 8 hour drive. Having it been the first time we all went to Coachella, the excitement for a weekend getaway in the desert had the butterflies in our stomach racing. This song is quite memorable for that reason. Jai Wolf’s creativity is really noticeable in this song. Indian Summer has the perfect mix of upbeat and chill melodies that combine to make an incredible track. Number 1 Sunset Track.

Insane – Flume

Once you feel the bass building up in your chest and the drop release you’ll instantly want to close your eyes and let go of reality. This song is intense and will have your whole body still as you listen to every beat the song entails. Fucking insane.

Weekend – Louis the Child

Not only is Louis the Child’s Weekend a summery song but with the lyrics being singable, blasting this song on high will have you ready for the weekend with your friends.

Watching U – Miles Away

A creative song with an original tempo, Miles Away joined an amazing rhythm with soft beat drops that create a relaxing, laid back sound.

With You – Dirty South (Jai Wolf Remix)

The original song by Dirty South had amazing vocals that Jai Wolf remixed by emphasizing the volume and increasing the tempo. While keeping the soft tone of the voices that Dirty South originally intended to have, Jai Wolf turned the song into a track full of emotional lyrics and warm melodies. With You is pure happiness.

The Lighthouse & The Whaler – Venice (Louis the Child Remix)

Another artist remix that does a great job of complimenting the originals lyrics and sound. By adding melodious beats onto the track, Louis the Child magnifies bass and build ups that lead to a euphoric drop which will have the song instantly on one of your playlists.

Limelight ft. ROZES  – Just a Gent (NGHTMRE Remix)

Initially a song written by Just a Gent, Limelight already had a magical sound to it that was commended by amazing vocals sung by ROZES. NGHTMRE took this track and changed not only the drop, but made the voice fluctuate to the synths added in the background, giving this song a more energetic feel. Although it is a bit of a relaxing remix for NGHTMRE, it shows his talent in music making.

Can’t Hide – Whethan (ft. Ashe)

A perfect last song to this playlist, Whethan conveys a song that has catchy vocals and a remarkable tune. Ashe’s gentle voice is consistently complimented by an alluring whistle that continues throughout the entire track. Impressively, Whethan’s ear for music, at only the age of 17, was quite progressed and I’m eager to see how he advances as a DJ.

Song List

  1. Gooey by Glass Animals
  2. Summer Nights by Iration
  3. Love is Alive by Louis the Child
  4. Peaches by In the Valley Below
  5. Night Ride by Los Growlers
  6. Rhiannon by Fleetwood Mac
  7. Beverly Laurel by Tame Impala
  8. Slow Ride by Sublime
  9. Lazy Afternoon by Rebelution
  10. River by Civil Twilight
  11. Electric Feel by Henry Green
  12. The Suburbs by Mr Little Jeans
  13. Tools by Yellerkin (Louis the Child Remix)
  14. Lana Del Dre (Tep No Flip) by When in Rome
  15. Indian Summer by Jai Wolf
  16. Insane by Flume
  17. Weekend by Louis the Child
  18. Watching U by Miles Away
  19. With You by Dirty South (Jai Wolf Remix)
  20. The Lighthouse & the Whaler by Venice (Louis the Child Remix)
  21. Limelight by Just a Gent (NGHTMRE Remix)
  22. Cant Hide (ft. Ashe) by Whethan

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